Professional livery installation makes the difference

Our team are all accredited by the leading manufacturers of vinyl. We are livery installation specialists, our team install livery every day ensuring their experience level is beaten by none in the business.

Any type of vehicle graphics project, fleet work especially therefore time is of the essence, but quality needs to always remain paramount.

Our expert team can install over a hundred vans a day, dependent on the livery design, at a location to suit you if needed. While achieving this, the Fleet Design business control system maintains guaranteed quality.

In-house management quality check uploaded photos from each installation. You can request photos of your instillation which is handy if you’re not on site yourself. This also allows for instant notification of a completed job, so your vehicles can continue their business.

We provide livery installation as a stand-alone service. We provide this sevice to many organisations and large fleet operators such as GEFCO and BCA. If you require installation services, please get in touch today to talk to one of our account managers. We can arrange your product in time, and within budget.


Our fully employed and qualifies fitters work in conjunction with conversion contractors or fleet PDI centres to your service levels.

Contact our team to discuss your Installation requirements.